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September 2015

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Georgia PINES

The Georgia PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is my states “Borderless” Library that gives me access to books kept in 285 Libraries scattered in 143 counties (Georgia has 159 Counties, second only to Texas). Anyone resident of Georgia can use and check out books Via PINES, even if their local County does not participate. I love the Pines, but I have to assume most of you have better state systems than this one.

There are a few limitations, some of which I am bitching about and trying to have changed; others that I think are perfectly fine. The acceptable ones are you cannot check out Reference materials or new books that are less than a year old from outside of that libraries local system (new to the library, not going by publication date). I think it’s fair a Library keeps its new stuff exclusive for a bit, and reference materials should never leave a library (ingrained into me from long ago. May seem quaint now, or irrelevant what with internet reference materials).

My BIGGEST gripe is you cannot get Audiobooks from other Library systems. As a legacy of previous attempts to organize the libraries we have many multi-county systems (for instance, I live in Carroll County and thus I am in the West Georgia Regional Library System which covers 5 counties [Carroll, Douglas, Haralson, Heard, & Paulding]). So I can get audiobooks from any of the 16 Libraries and one bookmobile in my system, but if it’s in the neighboring Troup-Harris Regional Library I am shit out of luck! What is worse is you can sometimes get Music, but audiobooks is verboten!

I like that getting a book from any library in the state is free of charge, they deliver them to your local library for pickup, and you can return them at any library in the System.

Another perk, since I am a Resident of Carroll County I have access to the West Georgia University Ingram Library – a currently being renovated 4-story Library located on the West Georgia University Campus. It has the book:
“The book of black magic and ceremonial magic : the secret tradition in Goetia : including the rites and mysteries of Goetic theurgy, sorcery and infernal necromancy” by Arthur Edward Waite
I believe I read back in the mid 80’s.

As a PINES user, I also have access to GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online), an online collection of Databases including Encyclopædia Britannica Online Reference Center, Ethnic NewsWatch, New Georgia Encyclopedia, and many more. The site says there are over 100 available Databases to peruse – I have barely scratched the surface.



Share your complaint

Like you, I like a lot of things about the PINE system, but the inability to get Audio Books from other library systems bugs me as well.
I work in Clayton Co, and have a membership card for that system so I can check out books (including audiobooks) from them. I live in Coweta, a county library system which isn't even in the PINES network. That bugs me as well...

Re: Share your complaint

Perhaps if we “Occupy Library” and annoy the hell out of people they will acquiesce and let us check out audiobooks from across the state – either that or we will get hit with a blast of yummy, mouth (and eye) watering chipolata pepper spray! Either way, what FUN!

Be well my friend.

Re: Share your complaint

Sounds good to me!