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September 2015

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It has been a LONG time since I posted anything at LiveJournal – almost four years.

Just damn.

I am trying to get back in the habit of writing, but frankly it is a chore. As you may or may not know my youngest boy was killed in an automobile accident almost two years ago, and doing anything now is hard.  Most of the joy in life is gone and it is hard to adjust to this new, sucky reality. So I am going to try and write and create – it use to be one of my real outlets and maybe I can get back into it and maybe it will help.

I loved writing stories, but I excelled at background and world building. I love to collaborate; I did work on several online RPG groups (nothing for pay or professional, just for fun), not to mention various AD&D/Space Opera settings. I am rather proud of some of my work, especially in my old Forgotten Realms campaign where I got pretty creative with the magic items and allies (The Living Flame, Trident of Earth Command, the Ironwall Coins (I still have the index cards I used – you guys had 12 coins left), The Tankard of Cold Ale (Loved this one, +3 in all bar brawls!), and the Ruby Dagger (I never noted what it did on the card, but I think it was a wizard slayer). I still think my favorite was the talking elf owl who was not a familiar, not a ranger’s beast – juts an friend who was hanging around because you guys were teaching him to read (and who really rang that Dragons bell when you gave him one of the coins and he dropped it on the dragon from about eighty feet).

Nostalgia aside, Dragon Con is coming up in a few days and I had considered going. I have never been to Dragon Con (use to go to one of its predecessors, the Atlanta Comics and Fantasy Fair. More recently my youngest and I went to Momocon) and several people I absolutely adore are going to be there but (and there is always a but, and it is usually me) my financing fell through (honestly it was tight even before it fell through) so it’s a no go this year. I did get a monetary reprieve and thought about it, but without my youngest I just do not think I can face it yet. Maybe next year. I might make Anachro-con this February (my wife LOVES Steampunk… of course so did Joshua but with her at my side I think I can deal).

Well, that should do for now. I think I am going to spend the rest of this rainy day lazing about; maybe sort some of my books and games and stuff.

Be well my Friends and Fiends.




Writing would be great for you! I always try to write novels then get mad cause they have too many errors then stop them all together maybe I should just stick with poetry!
The errors (and I make a LOT OF THEM) don't bother me - its the meandering I do. I stared a short story once and it is kind of a uncompleted novella now.

If brevity is the soul of wit then I am an idiot.

BTW (to quote the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland) "Whooo ... are ... you?"