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Sep. 21st, 2015

Had a good weekend.

Saturday I got home from work and my oldest had someone come out and give us an estimate on removing some trees. We got a pretty darn good price to have four pines and one double sweetgum  - less than twice what I paid a few years ago to remove just one pine (of course that one had branches overhanging the house and the power lines. They had to use a crane so it wouldn’t drop the wrong way, it was pretty cool). Now we have to save up the money.

Then we followed my boy and his girlfriend over to Corinth Baptist church where Meagan White and her father was giving a surprise birthday party for her mother. It was really nice, had a great time talking with Meagen and Kelly about anime (they are going to AWA next week and I asked them to price a few anime I want – principle the English Dubs of Future Diary and Mawaru Penguindrum. I cannot afford them now, but I would love to buy them later. When Joshua and I went to our first Momocon we watched these two in one of the screening rooms and they make me think of him… I miss him). Later a lady (Whose name I cannot recall. My wife is always getting onto me, and fairly so, for not remembering names) sat with us and we shifted to talking about horror movies.

It was a really good time and a good day.

Sunday my best friend was up from Albany (yes, we have an Albany in Georgia! Who knew?) and we managed to do lunch. Stephan and Diana are both are taller than me (okay, I am not tall but Diana must be six foot). It was really nice to see her and Oz. I got to geek out a bit and wore one of my old pins (Mage). We talked about getting a loan on the Titanium pins she had installed, about Albany’s Comic Con (they finally have one) and what they want to dress like next year (Jess wants to do a gender-swapped Lambo from Reborn! – Which would be a SCREAM! As I was wearing my Mage pin I told Oz he could do a really good Kevin Matchsticks – all he would need is the t-shirt and maybe a bat painted with some glowing paint).

After lunch I swung over to Best Buy and picked up the new live-action Cinderella and the Animated Home. Got home and we watched Home (very cute movie). Then we got on a kick and went to storage and grabbed the Barrister bookcase, brought it home and filled it with Andreas Folio books – which left room so we reorganized the living room.

Today (Monday) is an off day. Watched Cinderella, Singing in the Rain, And What a Way to Go (IMDB & Farcebook updates pending).

For our New Normal (what we call life now) it has been a really good weekend.

Aug. 30th, 2015

It has been a LONG time since I posted anything at LiveJournal – almost four years.

Just damn.

I am trying to get back in the habit of writing, but frankly it is a chore. As you may or may not know my youngest boy was killed in an automobile accident almost two years ago, and doing anything now is hard.  Most of the joy in life is gone and it is hard to adjust to this new, sucky reality. So I am going to try and write and create – it use to be one of my real outlets and maybe I can get back into it and maybe it will help.

I loved writing stories, but I excelled at background and world building. I love to collaborate; I did work on several online RPG groups (nothing for pay or professional, just for fun), not to mention various AD&D/Space Opera settings. I am rather proud of some of my work, especially in my old Forgotten Realms campaign where I got pretty creative with the magic items and allies (The Living Flame, Trident of Earth Command, the Ironwall Coins (I still have the index cards I used – you guys had 12 coins left), The Tankard of Cold Ale (Loved this one, +3 in all bar brawls!), and the Ruby Dagger (I never noted what it did on the card, but I think it was a wizard slayer). I still think my favorite was the talking elf owl who was not a familiar, not a ranger’s beast – juts an friend who was hanging around because you guys were teaching him to read (and who really rang that Dragons bell when you gave him one of the coins and he dropped it on the dragon from about eighty feet).

Nostalgia aside, Dragon Con is coming up in a few days and I had considered going. I have never been to Dragon Con (use to go to one of its predecessors, the Atlanta Comics and Fantasy Fair. More recently my youngest and I went to Momocon) and several people I absolutely adore are going to be there but (and there is always a but, and it is usually me) my financing fell through (honestly it was tight even before it fell through) so it’s a no go this year. I did get a monetary reprieve and thought about it, but without my youngest I just do not think I can face it yet. Maybe next year. I might make Anachro-con this February (my wife LOVES Steampunk… of course so did Joshua but with her at my side I think I can deal).

Well, that should do for now. I think I am going to spend the rest of this rainy day lazing about; maybe sort some of my books and games and stuff.

Be well my Friends and Fiends.


Dec. 14th, 2011

Dazed Bird

Last weekend I found a bird on the walkway of my place of employment as I was leaving the building. It was a small, green budgie of some kind (sorry, I am no ornithologist – but I did take some pictures of the little thing so if you know I am curious). It had apparently flown into the glass side of the building. At first I thought it was dead, but then it moved.

I checked it out as best as I could. It definitely had a gash on its head, I could sometimes see the crimson of fresh blood staining some of its feathers when it turned its head the right way. It was a goodly amount for such a small thing, but it seemed to have stopped by the time I found it (which could not have been long after it encountered the glass wall of the building) and none had escaped its feathery head. As I examined it, it moved its head about, then it tried to stand. Though it stumbled and couldn’t get up, it did move its body and legs – a good sign. It then flexed its wings to try and stabilize itself.

So it appears it was unbroken, simply dazed and a little bloodied.

I could not stay and watch over it, and I definitely could not take it with me (I live almost fifty miles away, far from this little ones domain. Add to that it takes me an hour or so to get home – traveling with a bird in my car that could recover and panic at any time just seemed a horrific idea); so I first tried to give it a little water – it was uninterested.

I picked it up carefully and moved it from the exposed place it was setting on the walkway to a nearby flowerbed where I placed it under the shelter of a small shrub. It seemed to be regaining its wits somewhat before I left.

I hope it was okay and I hope I did the right and correct thing. It seemed the right thing to do, it still feels right. But only the bird, and the Creator, know now.

Oct. 30th, 2011

A brief update

Sorry for the dearth of posts – Real Life is keeping me busy. We are trying to get our financial house in order (the evil plan will center around getting rid of a lot of Credit Card Debt. Too Damn much in reality, but we have a plan. And no, it doesn’t involve extortion and/or blackmail! At least not yet ;), getting our youngest ready for college next year (he hopes to go to Georgia Tech, much to the chagrin of my brother and his wife – both die-hard UGA graduates – but UGA doesn’t offer a Degree in World Domination... err that is Robotic).

And I am trying to write! Good god wish me luck with that.

Well, I am off. I will try and find something to rant about soon.

Be Well my fiends!


Sep. 24th, 2011

Lost in Hell

My best friend has had to move.

The reasons are complicated and not really relevant, but a few weeks back she, her two kids, and her fiancee moved from the home they had been living in for years to her fiancee's mothers house in Albany, Georgia (Yea, I know! I live in Georgia and I didn’t realize we had an Albany! Go figure).

When she first told me they were going to have to move I thought she was going to Augusta, which is about the same distance but easier to get to (just hop on I20 and go east; For Albany you go I20 to I75 South to GA300 South); so I initially thought she would be okay. Augusta is a great city with colleges, theaters, and arts akimbo! It has history and culture.

Albany is not Augusta.

My friend is something of a bohemian, a real free spirit. She an artists, A Wicca, and utterly un-self-conscious. I can relate two stories that might convey exactly how she is:

1 - She went shopping with me and my wife once (ONCE). We were in an upscale woman's clothing store and while my wife and I were over looking as some shirts my dear friend had wondered into the lingerie department. After a bit she grabbed her chest (which is ample, and that is an understatement) and yelled across the store to us “I cannot find any bras to fit my huge tits!” I was both proud of her and mortified.

2 – Its a story she told, but I do not doubt its veracity. When she was on tour with the Renaissance Festival (she spent three years wondering the country selling corsets and clothing) and a younger guy was hitting on her. For whatever reason she wasn’t interested (he was probably under 6'3” - she likes em big!) so she asked him how old he was. He was 19 (She was 26 I think). She then asked him how many women he had been with. Puffing up he said 5. My friend laughed and said, “God, I have been with more women that that!” Totally torpedoed the poor boy.

I am trying to find things for her to do there. They supposedly have a decent zoo (The Chehaw Wild Animal Park – one of only two accredited zoos in the state [the other is Zoo Atlanta, which I need to get too soon – they have a pair of baby Sumatran Tigers]), something called the Fossil Sand Dunes, and some museums and parks. I am trying to find things for her to do, so any help you might have would be appreciated. If you know anything about Albany, Georgia please leave a comment. I would be expecially interested to hear about art, Wicca, and other people/places/groups in the area.

Well I am off. Be well.

Sep. 9th, 2011

Chillin to be Illin

 Well, not much to talk about really. I got a cold, took a double dose of Nyquil, curled up in a hot room under a blanket and sweat the stuff out of me. It’s a trait all of the males in my household share, even my oldest (who isn’t genetically linked to me), and it makes us very easy to take care of when we are sick. We don’t want constant attention; we don’t really want to be pampered; we just want to be left alone.
The only residual is I haven’t completely shaken the cough.
As for the source of the cold, my youngest was sick a few days before I was. I think he brought it home from school.
Using a $25 Gift Certificate I got from work (I do have a pretty good job, though more money would be nice) I bought a Manga for my youngest – “Rosario+Vampire: Season II, Vol. 5”; for me a DVD “The Color of Magic”; and for my live a couple of MP3’s from Amazon and some game cash for one of her Facebook games. Yes, that is more than $25 – I used my own money for the Facebook credit. Anyway after all that I have a dime left on the gift card! Guess I will buy a half of a stick of Dentyne.
Be well my friends!

Aug. 6th, 2011

Stupid Pet Peeve – Automatic Soap Dispensers

With so many, many things wrong in the world you would think I would have better things to bitch about than automatic soap dispensers. You would be right, but just because its wrong and stupid... well if its good enough for the government its good enough for me ;)

Am I the only person in the world who finds these things stupid and annoying? Just confining ones self to the restroom, there are plenty of things that make more sense to automate – the urinals (though I honestly prefer the waterless no-flush ones. They save on water use), toilets, bidet's (if you are lucky enough to have one – YOU BASTARD! I wish I had one, it would be nice to leave the toilet with a sparkling clean bum. As is to get as clean as I do get I have to break out the Lysol and the steel wool... woops, TMI), even sinks make some sense. But soap dispensers?

They say they are hygienic. WTF? If you touch a soap dispenser you are about to wash your hands with soap! Its far less hygienic to then have to turn off the faucet, touch the door handle, any one of a dozen things you do AFTER you wash your hands!

Plus, have you ever used one of these damn things. Every time you get close to it it ejaculates on you whether you want it too or not. Its like a male human or over-excited dog in that regard. Then you have to wash AGAIN. Makes me wonder if these soap dispensers are not simply extremely geeky male aliens looking for some masturbation relief now that internet porn has lost its appeal (I know, GOD FORBID that should ever happen).

Its an obvious marketing ploy meant to sell us useless crap. And frankly its dangerous. Imagine we humans become so fearful of contact with germs we coat ourselves in antibiotics from cradle to grave, touching nothing in terror of contamination. Pretty soon we as a species would loose our ability to resist disease and we could be wiped out by a horrific case of ringworm.

So don’t be a wuss! Go ahead and touch the soap...slower...slower....hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa! That was great! I need a cigarette! And some hand sanitizer!

Be well my fiends!


Jul. 30th, 2011

Anchor(Store)s Away!

As you are probably aware, Boarders Books is going out of business. For many this will have no impact upon them – indeed until 1999 it would have had little effect upon me. In 1999 Arbor Place Mall opened near enough to me (prior to that the nearest Mall or bookstore was about 50 miles away), and it included a Boarders Books.

And it is/was a big store. And it/was one of the ones that made money.

Alas it is closing. We hope that as one of the larger and more profitable stored it will be one of the last to shut the doors. Wild and hopeful rumor has it that it will be near last, used as a liquidation store for the smaller stores and the warehouses. I expect they will even ship in fixtures from other stores if they fail to sell (they are selling off the tables, chairs, and shelves).

The only thing I will not miss is the lousy coffee. They had a “Seattle’s Best”, which if you do not know is a wholly owned slave of StarBorgs! (who’s new symbol featuring their familiar mermaid as a cyclopean whose all-seeing eye forms the apex of a world-spanning pyramid – which is at least honest of them). I despise their coffee, it’s horrid. What they sell is a vaguely coffee-based flavored syrup topped with nutmeg and cinnamon. I don’t like flavored coffee. I like mine white (Milk or ½ & ½) with a little sweetener.

Well enough about me and my book fetish.
Later my fiends.

Wikipedia - Arbor Place
Wikipedia - Boarders

Jul. 16th, 2011

Georgia PINES

The Georgia PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is my states “Borderless” Library that gives me access to books kept in 285 Libraries scattered in 143 counties (Georgia has 159 Counties, second only to Texas). Anyone resident of Georgia can use and check out books Via PINES, even if their local County does not participate. I love the Pines, but I have to assume most of you have better state systems than this one.

There are a few limitations, some of which I am bitching about and trying to have changed; others that I think are perfectly fine. The acceptable ones are you cannot check out Reference materials or new books that are less than a year old from outside of that libraries local system (new to the library, not going by publication date). I think it’s fair a Library keeps its new stuff exclusive for a bit, and reference materials should never leave a library (ingrained into me from long ago. May seem quaint now, or irrelevant what with internet reference materials).

My BIGGEST gripe is you cannot get Audiobooks from other Library systems. As a legacy of previous attempts to organize the libraries we have many multi-county systems (for instance, I live in Carroll County and thus I am in the West Georgia Regional Library System which covers 5 counties [Carroll, Douglas, Haralson, Heard, & Paulding]). So I can get audiobooks from any of the 16 Libraries and one bookmobile in my system, but if it’s in the neighboring Troup-Harris Regional Library I am shit out of luck! What is worse is you can sometimes get Music, but audiobooks is verboten!

I like that getting a book from any library in the state is free of charge, they deliver them to your local library for pickup, and you can return them at any library in the System.

Another perk, since I am a Resident of Carroll County I have access to the West Georgia University Ingram Library – a currently being renovated 4-story Library located on the West Georgia University Campus. It has the book:
“The book of black magic and ceremonial magic : the secret tradition in Goetia : including the rites and mysteries of Goetic theurgy, sorcery and infernal necromancy” by Arthur Edward Waite
I believe I read back in the mid 80’s.

As a PINES user, I also have access to GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online), an online collection of Databases including Encyclopædia Britannica Online Reference Center, Ethnic NewsWatch, New Georgia Encyclopedia, and many more. The site says there are over 100 available Databases to peruse – I have barely scratched the surface.


May. 28th, 2011


This is just me venting, as there is no solution

At my place of employment they have some TV’s hooked to a Satellite Dish in the Cafeteria. These TV’s cannot have their cannels changed at the Set (reasonable precaution, I am sure if they could be changed some asshat would tune them to the Playboy Channel or some such junk). Also reasonably they keep them tuned to a News channel.

They use to keep it on Fox, which was okay even if it meant I had to endure reruns of Glen Beck and his Blackboard Nazi conspiracy theories (I work the Graveyard…. The graveyard shift [me in the graveyard late at night with a spade isn’t work related – it’s recreational] ;) Apparently someone complained about this, what with Fox’s Liberal bias, so they changed it to CNN.

For about a week. Apparently CNN is a right-wing hate site and someone else (I hope it was someone else – if it was the same nitwit then they have more problems than I thought). So now it’s tuned to MSNBC!

I am sure this is fine during the day, but at night MSADDHCTVNBD doesn’t show news. They don’t even show crappy commentary shows, or opinion shows! No, what they show at night is an abomination against man and God!

Not reality shows – but almost as bad.


Hours and hours of unending and uninterrupted commercials for Vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, making money in Real Estate, and Juice extractors!

I thought MDCDCLMNOP was a progressive station, and yet they whore out for money worse than the Capitalistic Bitches at FoxNewsLike.

I have complained, but apparently my concerns are of no interest to the Gods of Corporate Television. Is it too much to ask to have some news, or something vaguely news-like on the idiot box when I go get some Coke and heat up a Pierogi (or maybe some Gazpacho ;)? 


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