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September 2015

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This is just me venting, as there is no solution

At my place of employment they have some TV’s hooked to a Satellite Dish in the Cafeteria. These TV’s cannot have their cannels changed at the Set (reasonable precaution, I am sure if they could be changed some asshat would tune them to the Playboy Channel or some such junk). Also reasonably they keep them tuned to a News channel.

They use to keep it on Fox, which was okay even if it meant I had to endure reruns of Glen Beck and his Blackboard Nazi conspiracy theories (I work the Graveyard…. The graveyard shift [me in the graveyard late at night with a spade isn’t work related – it’s recreational] ;) Apparently someone complained about this, what with Fox’s Liberal bias, so they changed it to CNN.

For about a week. Apparently CNN is a right-wing hate site and someone else (I hope it was someone else – if it was the same nitwit then they have more problems than I thought). So now it’s tuned to MSNBC!

I am sure this is fine during the day, but at night MSADDHCTVNBD doesn’t show news. They don’t even show crappy commentary shows, or opinion shows! No, what they show at night is an abomination against man and God!

Not reality shows – but almost as bad.


Hours and hours of unending and uninterrupted commercials for Vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, making money in Real Estate, and Juice extractors!

I thought MDCDCLMNOP was a progressive station, and yet they whore out for money worse than the Capitalistic Bitches at FoxNewsLike.

I have complained, but apparently my concerns are of no interest to the Gods of Corporate Television. Is it too much to ask to have some news, or something vaguely news-like on the idiot box when I go get some Coke and heat up a Pierogi (or maybe some Gazpacho ;)?