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September 2015

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Anchor(Store)s Away!

As you are probably aware, Boarders Books is going out of business. For many this will have no impact upon them – indeed until 1999 it would have had little effect upon me. In 1999 Arbor Place Mall opened near enough to me (prior to that the nearest Mall or bookstore was about 50 miles away), and it included a Boarders Books.

And it is/was a big store. And it/was one of the ones that made money.

Alas it is closing. We hope that as one of the larger and more profitable stored it will be one of the last to shut the doors. Wild and hopeful rumor has it that it will be near last, used as a liquidation store for the smaller stores and the warehouses. I expect they will even ship in fixtures from other stores if they fail to sell (they are selling off the tables, chairs, and shelves).

The only thing I will not miss is the lousy coffee. They had a “Seattle’s Best”, which if you do not know is a wholly owned slave of StarBorgs! (who’s new symbol featuring their familiar mermaid as a cyclopean whose all-seeing eye forms the apex of a world-spanning pyramid – which is at least honest of them). I despise their coffee, it’s horrid. What they sell is a vaguely coffee-based flavored syrup topped with nutmeg and cinnamon. I don’t like flavored coffee. I like mine white (Milk or ½ & ½) with a little sweetener.

Well enough about me and my book fetish.
Later my fiends.

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