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September 2015

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Had a good weekend.

Saturday I got home from work and my oldest had someone come out and give us an estimate on removing some trees. We got a pretty darn good price to have four pines and one double sweetgum  - less than twice what I paid a few years ago to remove just one pine (of course that one had branches overhanging the house and the power lines. They had to use a crane so it wouldn’t drop the wrong way, it was pretty cool). Now we have to save up the money.

Then we followed my boy and his girlfriend over to Corinth Baptist church where Meagan White and her father was giving a surprise birthday party for her mother. It was really nice, had a great time talking with Meagen and Kelly about anime (they are going to AWA next week and I asked them to price a few anime I want – principle the English Dubs of Future Diary and Mawaru Penguindrum. I cannot afford them now, but I would love to buy them later. When Joshua and I went to our first Momocon we watched these two in one of the screening rooms and they make me think of him… I miss him). Later a lady (Whose name I cannot recall. My wife is always getting onto me, and fairly so, for not remembering names) sat with us and we shifted to talking about horror movies.

It was a really good time and a good day.

Sunday my best friend was up from Albany (yes, we have an Albany in Georgia! Who knew?) and we managed to do lunch. Stephan and Diana are both are taller than me (okay, I am not tall but Diana must be six foot). It was really nice to see her and Oz. I got to geek out a bit and wore one of my old pins (Mage). We talked about getting a loan on the Titanium pins she had installed, about Albany’s Comic Con (they finally have one) and what they want to dress like next year (Jess wants to do a gender-swapped Lambo from Reborn! – Which would be a SCREAM! As I was wearing my Mage pin I told Oz he could do a really good Kevin Matchsticks – all he would need is the t-shirt and maybe a bat painted with some glowing paint).

After lunch I swung over to Best Buy and picked up the new live-action Cinderella and the Animated Home. Got home and we watched Home (very cute movie). Then we got on a kick and went to storage and grabbed the Barrister bookcase, brought it home and filled it with Andreas Folio books – which left room so we reorganized the living room.

Today (Monday) is an off day. Watched Cinderella, Singing in the Rain, And What a Way to Go (IMDB & Farcebook updates pending).

For our New Normal (what we call life now) it has been a really good weekend.